Throw-in coaching

I can teach you to perform a long throw-in

Since 2004, I’ve trained many teams and individual players – both professionals and amateurs – and helped them throw longer throw-ins.

The majority of the players I work with can throw between 5 and 10 meters further after their training than they could when they started.

Do you want to be the next?

The amount of training I provide varies a great deal. Some clubs are interested in a 5 training session programme that includes both improvements to the length of players’ throw-ins and work on the tactical aspects of offensive and defensive throw-ins.

Others opt for 2-3 sessions where my primary focus is on improving the length of the players’ throw-ins.

A typical 2 x 45 minutes training session looks like this:

Training session 1
warm up
5 – 15 players participate in throw-in test 1
30 minutes technical throw-in training
throw-in test 2

I perform video analysis of the training for analysis in between training sessions.

Together, the coach and I select players for the next training session.

Training session 2
run through of the potential for improvement in selected players’ technique
technical throw-in training
throw-in test 3

Run-down of results in cooperation with the trainer following the final training session

Throw-in training can take place at the beginning or end of normal football training or when it best fits into your training schedule.

Individual throw-in training

I have provided individual training to a number of footballers, right from under 9’s to Professional players.

Individual training provides me with the optimal conditions to focus on your throw-in technique.

A typical individual training session:
warm up
throw-in test 1
technical throw-in training
throw-in test 2

A training session lasts for approximately 45 minutes, and a normal training programme takes 2-3 training sessions.

I perform video analysis of the training.

The following are two examples of the improvements two players have experienced following individual training:

Leon Jessen, FC Midtjylland 2010 (now Kaiserslautern), improved his throw-in from 21.60 metres to 30.50 metres following two training sessions.

In 2010, an under 17’s player from a Copenhagen club improved his throw-in from 21.20 metres to 30.30 metres following a single training session.


Do you want to be a throw-in expert?

If you don’t have a long throw-in then don’t despair. I have helped many players to go from having short throw-in to being throw-in experts.

Take your mobile phone to the football pitch – or your back garden – record your throw-in and send it to me at

Then I can tell you whether you have the talent to be a throw-in expert.

If you’re already a throw-in expert then why not make yourself even better?

“We have witnessed time and time again how much our players improve after just a few short sessions with Thomas. Our throw-ins are a dangerous weapon. We have a handful of players who can throw the ball 30 meters rather than just the one—and we have seen how our stats improve as our throw-in distances extend.

Altogether, being associated with Thomas is nothing short of a gift. There is no disputing that our long throw-ins are a major asset for us. If you want your team to benefit from the extraordinary weapon of a long throw-in, Thomas is your guy.”
Kristian Bach Bak – FC Midtjylland Assistant Coach

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At Throw-in TV you can see videos of my world record throw-in, bobsleigh runs and presentations.

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Two of my clubs FC Midtjylland and AC Horsens have scored 20 goals from the Long Throw-in in the 2018-19 season.